People often ask me at events where I have purchased various items.  Below are a few of the vendors I’ve done business with and I’m happy with their products.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

Abraham’s Lady – I bought the dress I am wearing in my profile picture here and a few patterns.

Creative Cockades  – Ribbon rosettes otherwise known as “cockades”. I bought my black mourning cockade from them.

Cross & Thistle Apothecary   –   Traditional Apothecary. Appalachia soaps, herbal remedies and sage advice.  Ronda is a true blue apothecary!

Cottage Craft Works –   I made my red wooden wagon from their wagon kit. It was easy to make and everyone loves it.

Dirty Billy’s Hats of Charleston  –   Historical hats and other hats. I bought a hat from Billy and I’m very happy with it!

Fall Creek Suttlery  – I bought my tent and tent fly from them.  They sell various reenactor supplies.

Penumbra Foundation –  I bought my tintype “skull” pin from them.  I get a lot of compliments on it!

Possum Holler Sutlery  – Civil War camp furniture, reenactor supplies and clothing.  April and Travis are great people!

Rum Creek Sutlers – Historical reproductions of 19th century military and civilian clothing and equipment. I buy various things from Chuck when I’m at events. He has just about everything! They’re great to do business with!

TLC Mercantile   –    Clothing and other reenactor supplies. I love Leslie and Terry!  I have bought items from them too.  They’re awesome!

Silhouettes & Such – Artist Shanlie Wolter cuts is a traditional free-hand silhouettist. She works in the 18th century style, using only scissors and paper to render a likeness in just a few minutes with no drawing or digital alteration involved.  Her work is amazing!