I will be making tintypes at Fort Clinch during the “The Golden Teacup Society’s 21st annual Ladies’ Encampment” April 15-16, 2023.

Spectators are welcome to get their picture made during public hours (9:00 am – 4:30).

Pre-registration is required FOR THE ENCAMPMENT AND ANY OF ITS ACTIVITIES. Any person not pre- registered for the encampment may not remain inside the Fort after it closes to the public. Link is at the bottom of this page.

Men in period attire are welcome to register, but must sleep in their designated area (separate accommodations in the infirmary) and may pay the meals-only fee.

If you’re only coming for a picture, that’s absolutely fine, and you do not have to stay or register. But you will have to reserve your picture time in advance.

Reserve your time-slot HERE: https://charlestontintypist.setmore.com

Each time slot reserves enough time for ONE image. If you need more than one image, please reserve more time-slots.

Pre-payment is required to confirm and hold advance appointments. Cancellations/refunds accepted up to 24 hrs in advance of your time-slot.

Accepted methods of advance pre-payment:

*Venmo: @C_eadie_1 * ApplePay: (843)709-5347*Paypal: info@Charleston

At the event, any open/available time slots may also be reserved/held by cash or credit cards.


* Quarter-Plate Size (4.25” X 3.25”)


* Half-Plate Size (5.5” X 4.25”)


*Whole- Plate Size (8.5” X6.5”)


Shipping and sales tax is included. I mail the tintypes after about a week.

MY CONTACT INFO: Please feel free to TEXT (843) 709-5347 with any questions about advance bookings, or to cancel up to 24 hrs in advance. Email: info@charlestonTinTypist.com

Location: Fort Clinch State Park.2601 Atlantic Avenue, Amelia Island, FL 32034

Encampment Details: “Sleep in period accommodations within the historic fort. Participate in workshops, lectures and discussions designed to improve your living history impression.

 Following are a few of the session offerings available this year:  

◦ Basics for beginners: What they wear under there, Hair styles, and a Q&A session with the Teacups.

◦ Hands On:Ticking Embroudery, Dorset Buttons, period cosmetics, cyanotypes and more!

◦ Lectures:flint glass, parasols, the reenactor kitchen, time travel, pillowcases to pantalets, news of the day and so much more!

◦ Our Keynote Speaker is Charleston Tintypist! Christine will also be set up to take your portrait at the fort for an extra fee (generally $65-$100). Christine will also be striking our group portrait this year!

◦ Tatting Workshop with Brandon McKinney -“Early Bird” Friday workshop, from 1-5 pm at Ft. Clinch.  


• The Barracks at Ft Clinch have been renovated and reconfigured.  

• Men in period attire are welcome to attend, but must sleep in their designated area (separate accommodations in the infirmary) and may pay the meals-only fee.

 • There are no family accommodations.

• Modern camping with no hookups is beyond the parking area.  There are two large campgrounds at Ft Clinch for those requiring hookups.  Please make reservations via the State Parks website.

• Due to space restraints, they can only accommodate the first 65 paid registrants in the dorms for this event.  

• Please contact the event organizer for any special accommodation requests or any questions about registering. Info on the registration form.”(link is below)