I’ll be set up on Sutler Row at this event on February 18, 19, and 20, 2022. I’ll be there all day Friday, Saturday and on Sunday until the Battle time (1:30 pm).

Location address: 5815 Battlefield Trail Road, Olustee FL 32087

Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/SjJqjzCeohwuba2k9

NEW POLICY FOR 2022: ANY ADVANCE BOOKING MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE TO HOLD THE TIME-SLOT. I ACCEPT MOST CREDIT CARDS VIA PAYPAL, APPLE PAY OR VENMO. IF YOU ARE IN ANY WAY UNCERTAIN OF YOUR SCHEDULE, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK IN ADVANCE. REFUNDS/RESCHEDULING WILL BE ACCEPTED UP TO 48 HOURS BEFORE. AT EVENTS MY AVAILABLE TIME SLOTS WILL BE FIRST-COME/FIRST SERVED – NO SIGN-UP SHEET WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT. To book in advance: please email or text me, and please include your name (and/or your unit’s name), and your preferred day/time. I will also need a current mailing address (the address where you will want the varnished tintype mailed). Email: info@charlestontintypist.com Text: (843)709-5347 (FYI: I do work during the day so I might not get back to you straight away, but I usually answer within a few hours – thank you for your patience).

General admission for spectators: Adults $12 — School-age children $6 — Pre-school-age children FREE

More information about the event is on the official event site: https://battleofolustee.org/reenactment.html